Rent is due the first of the month. Rents are considered late at the end of the third business day. Should rents fail to be collected, we will issue a 3 day notice to pay or quit. If rents are not paid at that time we will start a legal eviction. This is part of the service and the only time there would be an additional fee. There are no other charges for any other services we do.

All rents are collected; we record each check, pay all bills and forward all proceeds to you in a very timely matter.

We supply you with a monthly statement on all activity preformed on your property along with your monthly rental income.

Owner Services

Services provided—We survey each and every property with our maintence staff to repair, service or make recommendations to enhance your property for maximum rents.

After all rentals are prepared for occupancy, digital pictures are taken for your protection and a complete inspection is taken before each and every renter moves in.

Management Agreement Forms

Rental Survey

Corona del Mar Properties has been managing property in Orange County for over 50 years. Listed below are just a few methods of pricing your property.

Through Market Evaluation and Experience

The Multiple Listing Service

Condition and Location

Supply and demand

Several Web Sites

For our owners who live out of the area and need to make serious improvements, we will coordinate every single detail for you.

Screening Applicants

To solve many of our Rental issues, we start by acquiring a well-qualified tenant. Listed below is our screening process. There is a mandatory credit check for any person moving in over the age of 18

We find out if there has been any Legal Evictions.

We find out their Criminal background, including if prospective tenant is a Sexual Offender.

We research their previous rental history. Many times a bad tenant will give you the name and number of a friend who will vouch for them.

If they live semi local, we will go to the neighbor of the applicant to find out if they’ve been a disturbance in the neighborhood. We will perform due diligence to know about the person occupying your property.

Along with signing a Legal Lease, we also have prepared 26 additional rules and regulations for them to sign. We just want tenants to pay their rent, respect the property & neighbors and make it a win-win situation for everyone.